Bend Defensive Driving

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The city of Bend is located in Deschutes County, Oregon. The city is also the county seat and has a population of 93,917. Bend is the largest city in Central Oregon and is known as a local metropolis. In fact, Bend is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Oregon.

Bend is located along the Deschutes River. Trees are plentiful, and the area is populated with sagebrush, junipers, and bitterbrush. Bend was incorporated as a city in 1905, back when it was a simple logging town. Now, the city is associated with several sports, including hiking, rock climbing, golf, and mountain biking.

In 2015, Bend was voted as one of the 10 best places to live. As for local driving, Bend residents receive relatively good marks. However, the state of Washington doesn’t fare so well.

In 2019, there were 45,524 accidents in the state. Out of that total, 235 crashes were fatal, and 973 crashes caused serious injuries. Most accidents were caused by drivers hitting parked or stopped cars. Other causes included failing to yield the right of way, speeding, distracted driving, and improper lane changes.

If you’re a Bend resident, you’re probably a pretty good driver. But brushing up on your driving skills is always a good idea. Enrolling in a defensive driving course can help you become an even safer driver. Consider taking a course. You’ll help keep Bend streets safe.

Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Bend

If you happen to get a traffic ticket in Bend, defensive driving can help you out. In most cases, Oregon drivers can have their tickets dismissed by successfully completing a state-approved defensive driving course. It can even be done online. Check out these top 5 defensive driving providers. All are approved by every court in the state. There’s nothing better than an online defensive driving course. It allows you to avoid a hefty penalty without leaving the confines of your home. We think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

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Bend Defensive Driving Schools

We recommend every driver should take an online defensive driving course to stay safe. If you require a physical Bend Defensive Driving School, the following are listed and detailed in a non-ranking order.
We do not rank our list of Bend’s best defensive driving schools. You can be sure that all of these schools offer a licensed standard of drivers education that is certified and regulated by the state. In that sense, any of these schools will keep you in safe hands.
We’d like to leave ranking to the experts: you! Let us know which school you prefer on our list below by voting and providing your feedback. The rest of the residents in Bend, Oregon thank you!


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