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The right Oregon traffic school online will provide just what you need to get a traffic ticket dismissed from your record. You will need permission from the court, and you will need to qualify for the course, but this is pretty easy, especially if it’s your first traffic ticket.

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Along with dismissing a ticket, you may also be able to get a reduction in your insurance rates. Before you choose the right Oregon traffic school for you, it’s important to understand the benefits of online traffic school for your specific needs.

Online Traffic School Benefits in Oregon

There are many benefits to choosing an online traffic school in Oregon. When you want to get your ticket dismissed or gain an insurance discount, the right traffic school will offer the course you need. With online traffic school in Oregon, you gain the benefits of:

With the online version of Oregon traffic school, you will be able to complete the course for your traffic ticket dismissal easily.

How the Traffic School Diversion Program Works in Oregon

The state of Oregon calls their traffic school a diversion program for traffic violations. This school will allow you to complete the in-person or online version with court approval once every three years. The judge for your case has the final say on your eligibility for Oregon traffic school.

Some violations will require further approval. You won’t be able to use traffic school for a citation for going 100mph or higher, reckless driving, or other serious offenses, such as DUIs and driving on a suspended license.

You will need to submit a copy of your three-year motor vehicle record and a letter to request the traffic school program in Oregon to the court. They will determine your eligibility, and you should wait to enroll until you have been given approval.

First-time offenders are often eligible for the traffic school program, along with those getting a minor moving violation. As long as you haven’t used this option in the past three years, you will likely be able to dismiss your traffic ticket by taking the online Oregon traffic school course.

Topics Covered by Traffic School in Oregon

Whether you choose the online version or the in-person version, you will study several topics, including:

Each topic will be fully covered, and you will learn defensive driving techniques, along with other helpful techniques to make you a safer and more responsible driver.

When you choose to take the Oregon traffic school course, you will gain the knowledge you need to become a safer driver. This can give you many money-saving benefits in the future, which you might not even realize you gained. When you use the techniques taught in the course to avoid an accident or a traffic citation, it will save you money every time.

How long will my online course take me to complete?

The amount of time it takes you to complete Oregon traffic school online is up to you. The state requires the course to be four hours long, but you can break it up and complete the course in smaller increments over time. Bend, Portland or Salem, it’s all the same. You set the pace and choose to knock the entire course out in one day or several days.

Will I need to take a final exam?

Yes, there will be a 20-question final exam with all multiple-choice questions. You need to get at least 14 questions right to achieve a 70% passing grade. If you fail the final exam, you can retake it with unlimited attempts available, so you’re guaranteed to pass.

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How long do I have to complete Oregon traffic school?

The Oregon courts will determine your deadline. Most online courses give you up to 180 days to complete the course, but the courts will set the actual deadline. Be sure to pay attention to the court-issued date, not the amount of time the online course allows.

How much does the online course cost?

Each provider is a bit different, but most online traffic school courses in Oregon will range from about $20 to $40 in price. If you’re trying to dismiss a ticket, you will need to pay the verified testing fee, which is required by the DMV, as well.

How often am I allowed to take the defensive driving course in Oregon?

The state of Oregon allows you to use the defensive driving course to dismiss a traffic citation once every five years. However, if you’re taking the mature driver course, you can take this course once every three years, as long as you’re under 70 years of age. Once you’re over 70, this course needs to be taken every two years to maintain your insurance discount.

Those needing to take the distracted driving avoidance course will only take it once. It’s meant for first-time offenders only.

How big of an insurance discount can I receive?

Your insurance provider will determine the actual discount you receive on your insurance rates. However, most discounts will range from 5% to 20%, depending on your driving history and a few other factors. Make sure to contact your insurance agent to find out the amount of your discount before attending Oregon traffic school for an insurance discount.

Whether you need to attend Oregon traffic school online to dismiss a ticket, as a first-time offender, or to gain an insurance discount, it’s easy to do right from home. With the right online provider, you can complete the course at your own pace, from anywhere you can gain a connection to the internet.

#1 Online Traffic School in Oregon – IDriveSafely – State Approved Ticket Dismissal