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Lubbock Defensive Driving

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Lubbock is known for more than just the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the lovely smell of growth. It is also sadly known for having some of the drunkest drivers in the country. In 2018 alone, the city of Lubbock recorded 940 DUI fatalities on their roadways.

Distracted driving is also an issue in Lubbock. Statistics in the Lubbock city limits were on the rise in the distracted driving department. All of this points to Lubbock drivers being more prone to tickets due to aggressive and neglectful driving habits.

Believe it or not, tickets are meant to save lives. The state of Texas views a driving citation as a way of warning a driver in hopes that they will take a defensive driving course and improve their habits. For that reason, drivers are allowed to take a defensive driving course to dismiss a traffic citation for a very minimal price. A course can even be taken online and from the comfort of your own home.

Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Lubbock

If you happen to get a traffic ticket in Lubbock, defensive driving can help you out. In most cases, Texas drivers can have their tickets dismissed by completing a state-approved defensive driving course. It can even be done online. Check out these top 5 defensive driving providers. All are approved by every court in the state. There’s nothing better than an online defensive driving course. It allows you to avoid a hefty penalty without leaving the confines of your home. We think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Lubbock Defensive Driving Schools

In the day and age of coronavirus, we recommend everyone be safe and avoid contact indoors whenever possible. As a result, we urge everyone to take an online defensive driving course to stay safe. If you require a physical Lubbock Defensive Driving School, the following are listed and detailed in a non-ranking order.

406 Avenue Q, Lubbock, TX 79401

(806) 781-2931

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Defensive Driving Class for Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Discount. Only $39.99 Free Dinner Included. Free Notarize Your Forms and Free Help with your forms. Cash Check Visa MasterCard accepted. Number 1 in Lubbock Texas. Please park in back

8004 Indiana Avenue A3b, Lubbock, TX 79423

(806) 407-3144

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Friendly, kind staff, ready to help you become a safe and aware driver.

Local driving school offering classes for teens and adults. open availability, including weekends!

You have the option of using your own vehicle or being provided with one for your road test.


Visit for a location near you!

(855) 960-0960

Our goal is to provide quality services that consist of education and prevention, intervention, individual and group counseling, and referrals to ongoing community resources and further treatment when applicable. We are here to aid individuals convicted of driving-under-the-influence understand the danger their behavior poses to society.

5121 69th St, Lubbock, TX 79424

(806) 543-5098

Our goal is to provide a trustworthy, relaxed, and safe classroom environment while maintaining a nonjudgmental environment. 
Instructors are licensed and all classes are State of Texas (TDLR) Approved. We strive to ensure the most efficient and educational processes.

5135 69th St A, Lubbock, TX 79424

(806) 794-5397

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It is our vested interest to train everyone to be the Safest, Most 
Defensive, Most Knowledgeable, Skilled, and Courteous drivers in Texas.
We offer many different opportunities for drivers of all ages to be successful, safe, and informed drivers. We TEACH  all ages of drivers. Our driver training programs are for 
both Teens and Adults to earn a driver's license and have positive 
experiences behind the wheel.

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