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Driving in New York City is a unique challenge. In this city, it's often the professionals who do the driving: cabbies, limo drivers, and bus drivers, as this can be a difficult city to navigate. But those who do drive in New York City must know how to drive defensively, as it can be tough to deal with the traffic, pedestrians, and parking.

Under the New York Point and Insurance Program, drivers who take a six hour defensive driving course in New York City or elsewhere in New York State will be able to reduce their driver's license points by four, or, earn a 10% discount on auto insurance premiums. While this program does not remove any traffic violations from a driver's record, a points reduction can stop a license suspension and other negative actions.

These New York City driving schools are the best the city has to offer. With experienced instructors, convenient locations, affordable rates, and flexible class hours, you're sure to find the defensive driving course in New York City that works for you.

While any of our top 10 driving schools in New York City would be an excellent choice for your defensive driving needs, we want to know: which one is the best? That's why we've included a poll at the end of this article. Be sure to vote to let us know which defensive driving school is the best in New York City! But don't wait: the poll closes in 30 days.

Professional Driving School of the Americas 
40 E 23rd St 2nd Fl New York, NY 10010 
(212) 375-1111

Since 1990, Professional Driving School of the Americas has been teaching New York how to drive, with more than half a million students in the New York area. This school's instructors will teach you how to become a safer, more confident driver while enhancing and refreshing your driving skills. Professional Driving School of New York has been highly recommended and rated by both Time Out New York and the Daily News.

Lama Driving School 
475 Ovington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 
(718) 238-3232

In Brooklyn, Lama Driving School's professional, experienced driving instructors work closely with each student. The instructors are committed to ensuring that you can become a safe, responsible driver with excellent knowledge and skills in defensive driving. They'll also ensure that you'll pass your test. Lama Driving School can also help with Department of Motor Vehicle services including license renewals, title transfers, and vehicle plates.

Drive Rite Academy 
145 Kenilworth Place Unit 1B, Brooklyn, NY 11210 
(718) 928-7048

Serving Brooklyn neighborhoods, Drive Rite Academy offers daily six hour defensive driving classes. Each class is informative without being boring: you'll learn a lot and even enjoy the class! They offer the highest quality in driving instruction to ensure that you're safe on the road.

Atilla School of Driving 
1690 Second Ave., New York, NY 10128 
(212) 410-6363

Located on the Upper East Side, Atilla School of Driving has a comfortable, modern classroom on Second Avenue. They've taught thousands of students not just how to drive, but how to drive defensively as safe, conscientious, and responsible drivers. Their friendly instructors will help you to anticipate dangers on the road in New York City and avoid hazards as you drive more defensively and improve your skills on the road.

Learn-Rite Driving School 
136-18 35th Ave Suite 1A, Flushing, NY 11354 
(718) 939-6969

Learn-Rite's higly rated driving school has locations in both Queens and Manhattan. This school offers up to date instruction on defensive driving for today's environment. Instructors make the classes fun and educational, while also sharing the serious, life saving information you need to become a better driver.

U.S. One Driving School 
37 West 26th Street, Suite 316, New York, NY 10010 
(212) 213-1453

With professional instructors and staff, U.S. One Driving School offers a superior defensive driving course service. Under their instruction, you'll learn how to improve your driving and become safer on the road.

Perfect Park Driving School 
101 Allen Street Unit 1B New York, New York 10002 
(212) 375-8445

Become the best driver possible with Perfect Park Driving School. This school is committed to offer the highest service in six hour defensive driving safety courses. Instructors are thorough and personable, and the school typically offers lots of flexibility for students.

New York Commercial Driving School 
4230 Broadway (between 179th St. & 180th St.), New York, NY 10033 
(212) 927-0008

The instructors at New York Commercial Driving School teach bus drivers and big rigs how to be safe on the road. Teaching successful safe driving in these vehicles offers an even better perspective for teaching defensive driving to those behind the wheel of passenger vehicles. New York Commercial Driving School can help tyou learn how to be safer on the road while improving your driving record and lowering your insurance rate.

Citi Driving School 
222 West 72nd Street 
(646) 862-7925

Safety comes first at Citi Driving School. With courses on the Upper West Side, Citi Driving School offers convenience, experience, an excellent track record of successful students. Instructors are encouraging and patient, and you'll enjoy a great experience at Citi Driving School.

Greenpoint Driving School 
986 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 
(718) 418-0918

One of Brooklyn's most respected driving schools, Greenpoint Driving School has more than eight years of experience in training drivers. Each of the schools instructors have excellent teaching abilities, patience, and understanding to ensure you'll be taught well -- and safe behind the wheel. The school offers a defensive driving course weekly and promises the course will remind you how important safety is.

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