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Paterson is located in New Jersey, where it serves as the county seat for Passaic County. With a population of 145,710, Paterson is currently the largest city in the county. It’s also the third most populated city in the state.

Paterson has some of the most interesting landmarks in New Jersey. Lambert Castle is a popular spot that attracts residents and tourists alike. The historic castle was built in 1892 by silk magnate Catholina Lambert. The castle now houses the Passaic County Historical Society’s archives and museums. Paterson is sometimes referred to as the Silk City. This is because it played a large role in silk production during the latter half of the 19th century.

According to statistics, Paterson is a generally safe area in which to drive. Passaic County, where Paterson is located, had 18 traffic fatalities in 2017. That’s a low number, especially when you consider the city has a population of more than 100,000 people. However, any death is too many when it comes to traffic fatalities.

A defensive driving course can help make Paterson drivers even better. Are you a Paterson resident who wants to become a better driver? Or maybe you received a traffic ticket, and would like to get it dismissed? Speak with your local traffic court about taking a defensive driving course. They might dismiss your ticket, and you’ll improve your driving skills in the process.

Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Paterson

If you happen to get a traffic ticket in Paterson, defensive driving can help you out. In most cases, New Jersey drivers can have their tickets dismissed by successfully completing a state-approved defensive driving course. It can even be done online. Check out these top 5 defensive driving providers. All are approved by every court in the state. There’s nothing better than an online defensive driving course. It allows you to avoid a hefty penalty without leaving the confines of your home. We think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

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Paterson Defensive Driving Schools

In the coronavirus’s day and age, we recommend everyone be safe and avoid contact indoors whenever possible. As a result, we urge everyone to take an online defensive driving course to stay safe. If you require a physical Paterson Defensive Driving School, the following are listed and detailed in a non-ranking order.
We do not rank our list of Paterson’s best defensive driving schools. You can be sure that all of these schools offer a licensed standard of drivers education that is certified and regulated by the state. In that sense, any of these schools will keep you in safe hands.
We’d like to leave ranking to the experts: you! Let us know which school you prefer on our list below by voting and providing your feedback. The rest of the residents in Paterson, New Jersey thank you!


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Texas law allows individuals to complete defensive driving classes either in person through a commercial driving school or through an online provider approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). While both options have their advantages, there's no doubt that most drivers find online courses to be the most convenient. After all, you can work on the course at any time of the day or night with the availability of taking breaks.

86 Summer St, Paterson, NJ 07501

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The course takes six hours to complete. It focuses on your understanding of traffic laws and defensive driving techniques and skills.  Once you pass, we’ll notify the NJ MVC.

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We are here to help drivers get on the road safely and confidently. Our driving courses are designed for new drivers of all ages.

Adventure Driving School

361 E 30th St, Paterson, NJ 07504

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State-approved drivers education, call today to schedule a class!

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Driving school in New Jersey serving your community for more then 25 years Low prices.Providing services for teen and adult's.

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