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With historic streets, an urban river, and lots of tourists year round, San Antonio can be a difficult city to navigate. And unfortunately, driving in San Antonio is becoming more dangerous and deadly. With an increase in traffic deaths, now is a particularly dangerous time to drive in San Antonio, and it's a good idea to be prepared.

To stay safe driving in San Antonio, you'll need an excellent education in defensive driving. With the city's driving schools, you can learn how to be a safer driver and avoid becoming a traffic statistic. San Antonio's defensive driving schools will help you learn how to avoid dangers on the road, staying away from accidents, traffic tickets, and other incidents that may pop up.

Ended up with a traffic ticket despite your best efforts? San Antonio's driving schools have you covered. You can get your traffic ticket dismissed by successfully completing a defensive driving course, and you'll avoid being charged for the offense. Without a charge, you won't have an issue with your auto insurance rates going up, and you won't even have the ticket on your driving record. It will be as if it never even happened. Defensive driving can be used to lower your auto insurance rates as well.

We've found the 10 best driving schools that San Antonio has to offer. Their experienced, helpful instructors will walk you through the essentials of Texas driving laws, and particularly driver safety in Texas. Ultimately, you'll walk away a safer, more capable driver ready to take on the dangerous roads of San Antonio.

We've listed the 10 best defensive driving schools in San Antonio without ranking order. Of course, we'd like to hear from you about which one is the very best. Please remember to vote in our poll at the end of the article to let us know which one has your pick for San Antonio's best defensive driving school. Be sure to vote soon, as the poll closes in 30 days!

Austin Driving School 
7530 Bandera Rd San Antonio, TX 78238 
(210) 308-9939

Based in Austin with locations in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, Austin Driving School offers a number of different driving courses to meet the needs of Texas drivers. This school has courses in Teenage driver's education, adult driving, and defensive driving as well as courses for minor in possession offenders, DWI offenders, and drug offenders. Ausin Driving School is state certified, bonded, and insured, as well as committed to saving lives, reducing stress, and promoting responsible driving habits.

First Gear Driving School 
1245 SW Military Dr San Antonio, TX 78221 
(210) 923-7233

First Gear Driving School is committed to making San Antonio roadways safer one driver at a time. This school offers a wide range of educational driver courses including both in classroom and behind the wheel instruction. New courses are added to the calendar frequently, so check with the school to find out how they can meet your driving education needs.

Alamo Center for Learning 
5600 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78212 
(210) 824-5537

Alamo Center for Learning has offered instruction for offenders since 1995. Courses are available for DWI offenders, drug offenders, and more. The highly trained team behind hte Alamo Center for Learning is supportive, helpful, and experienced in providing an excellent educational experience for troubled drivers. They've served hundreds of clients with life saving driving education.

Freedom 2 Drive Driving School 
28120 US Hwy 281N Ste 105 San Antonio, TX 78261 
(210) 379-6904

Freedom 2 Drive Driving School encourages drivers with safe driving techniques, and aims to build lifelong responsible driving habits and attitudes. Instructors are dedicated to providing students with knowledge of smart driving practices as well as up to date knowledge of laws. Each class is small, fun, and interactive for an excellent educational experience.

Funnybone Defensive Driving School 
8300 Culebra Rd Ste 305 San Antonio, TX 78229 
(210) 651-1484

Serving Texas since 1994, Funnybone Defensive Driving School offers texas approved defensive driving courses. You can choose an entirely video based course, or a classroom course in a convenient location. You can laugh your traffic tickets away with Funnybone Defensive Driving School.

Motor Mirth Defensive Driving 
618 NW Loop 410 Ste 312 San Antonio, TX 78216 
(210) 394-0718

Specializing in comedy defensive driving Motor Mirth offers a fun way to dismiss your traffic ticket while learning how to become a safer driver. Each course is taught by comedians and promotes a fun learning environment while offering serious learning opportunities. Each course includes free morning coffee, pizza at lunch, and even free comedy club tickets to keep the laughs going.

Ayala and Associates Driving School 
5015 De Zavala Rd St 102 San Antonio, TX 78249 
(210) 690-6276

Since 1971, Ayala & Associates Driving School has taught young people how to drive. The driving school also offers top notch defensive driving courses each Saturday. Courses are offered on a drop in basis and are Texas Education Agency licensed and approved.

A Sense of Humor Driving School 
7113 San Pedro Avenue Suite 309 San Antonio, TX 77058 
(210) 858-7775

A Sense of Humor Driving School has a top rated State of Texas approved six hour course for defensive driving. Courses are fast, easy, and convenient, and offer a comprehensive education in developing defensive driving skills.

Rhodes Driving Schools 
7724 Eckhert Rd. San Antonio, TX 78240 
(210) 695-8883

Rhodes Driving School puts safety first. With four locations in the greater San Antonio area, Rhodes Driving School is a convenient option for learning how to become a safer driver. The driving school has been in operation for more than 30 years, offering excellent driver training at affordable rates. A scheduled classroom course is available, as well as DWI and DUI courses. Rhodes is currently developing a defensive driving course exclusively for mature drivers.

Comedy Speed Relief Defensive Driving School 
6322 Sovereign Dr., Bldg. 1, Suite 112 San Antonio, TX 78229 
(210) 432-LAFF

Offering affordable defensive driving courses every Saturday, you'll enjoy this course that includes free pizza, coffee, and discount comedy club passes. Each class is taught by a San Antonio comedian who will make your defensive driving experience as fun and pain free as possible. They promise to have you laughing all the way to the courthouse.

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