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Looking for the best defensive driving course in Oklahoma?  You've come to the right place!  Oklahoma is home to some of the worst drivers in America.  In a recent ranking, Oklahoma was among the top 13 worst states to drive in.  Drunk driving, speeding, and careless driving make Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma an often dangerous place to drive.

There are nine fatalities for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled in Oklahoma.  Avoid becoming part of this statistic.  Take a defensive driving course in Oklahoma online!

Best Online Defensive Driving Courses in Tulsa

Below are the best online defensive driving schools in Tulsa.  The standard price of a defensive driving course in Florida is $25.  Each of the following online courses will do exactly what a physical school would.  Each is certified in the state of Oklahoma to dismiss your ticket as quickly and easily as possible.  The best part?  Complete the course from the comfort of your own home!

IDriveSafely $24.95
Oklahoma Driver $29.95
Safe Motorist $29.95

Dangerous and careless drivers are hazardous in Oklahoma, but drivers in Tulsa can enjoy safer driving with defensive driving education. A good defensive driving course will prepare you to deal with anything the roads of Oklahoma can dish out from difficult weather, road condition, and even difficult drivers. The course will teach you how to avoid accidents, hazards, and other trouble on the road.

While the primary benefit of defensive driving courses in Tulsa is the increased safety and driving knowledge, there are other perks to completing a defensive driving course in Oklahoma. Often, defensive driving can be used to dismiss traffic tickets. It is also often an option for saving on auto insurance premiums.

In our list, you'll find Tulsa's 10 leading defensive driving schools. They are trusted to teach drivers how to drive safely and responsibly. Often, they teach at all levels from teens to adult and mature drivers. Each of these schools is dedicated to improving the safety of their students on the road -- as well as every driver in the Tulsa area.

We're confident that each of Tulsa's top defensive driving schools is an excellent choice, so they're listed in no particular order. However, we still want to know which one you think is the best. Help us highlight the very best defensive driving school in Tulsa by voting in our poll at the end of this article. Just don't wait to vote, as the poll expires in 30 days!

Oklahoma Driving School 
5970 E 31st St Tulsa, OK 74135 
(918) 992-2381

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Since 1992, Oklahoma Driving School has served the greater Tulsa area. They have certified driving instructors and are a full service driving school. Their courses include driver education for teens and adults, private driving instruction, evaluations and assessments, defensive driving, and even physically challenged and special needs instruction.

Greater Tulsa Driving School 
5649-B South Mingo Rd Tulsa, OK 
(918) 461-0881

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Greater Tulsa Driving School is locally owned and operated, teaching Tulsa students how to drive in a friendly and supportive manner. Their primary goal is to meet the needs of each student with skills assessments and emphasis on positive skill promotion. Each student will learn how to maneuver Oklahoma traffic, complete proper turns and lane changes, and even take on freeway driving. Defensive driving students in particular will evaluate their driving and focus on areas of improvement. Each of Greater Tulsa Driving School's instructors have college degrees, are state licensed, and are carefully selected and screened.

Safer Driving School 
209 E 2nd Ave Unit 4 Owasso, OK 74055 
(918) 272-9928

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Safer Driving School is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation since 2006. As parents, they cater to families and students with personalized and caring service for teenage drivers. They also offer extensive defensive driving courses covering safety and important defensive driving techniques.

Metro Driving School 
2619 S Elm Pl, Fl 2nd Broken Arrow, OK 
(918) 899-4083

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Metro Driving School is a driver education and defensive driving school serving Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Norman, and surrounding areas. Owner John Martin has taught and coached in local school districts since 1982, and taught driver education for the Broken Arrow School District since 2007. Martin offers a calm, positive, and persistent teaching approach. Students learn the skills of driving and discover how to become confident, safe drivers under his instruction.

Tiger Driving School 
866 S Aspen Ave Broken Arrow, OK 
(918) 955-2908

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Tiger Driving School is a full service driving school serving Tulsa and many surrounding areas in Oklahoma. The school specializes in offering a safe, fun learning environment for students to learn how to become a safe driver. They specialize in new drivers, offering both classroom and real world driving experience. They also have a defensive driving class for students who are seeking driving improvement. Tiger Driving school is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

The Coach's Driving School 
Serving Tulsa, OK 
(918) 633-7173

Coach's Driving School is located in Tulsa and was established in 2014. The school is owned and operated by Patrick McGrew, a retired local football coach with more than 26 years of experience in driver's education. Students of McGrew and Coach's Driving School appreciate a study of traffic laws and procedures with all of the essentials for establishing safe driving habits.

Green Country Driving School 
Owasso, Oklahoma 
(918) 637-9445

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Green Country Driving School was established in 2005 and serves Tulsa, Owasso, Collinsville, and surrounding areas. Each driving instructor is certified by the state of Oklahoma and undergo an OSBI background check. Their driving instructors have more than 44 years of combined experience, and the driving school is a member of the Professional Driving School Association of Oklahoma.

Right Turn Driving School 
11519 N Garnett Rd, Ste B Owasso, OK 74055 
(918) 232-1152

Right Turn Driving School serves Tulsa and many other areas throughout Oklahoma. The school has more than 45 years of combined experience with quality driver training from state certified instructors. They take pride in their customer service standards and work hard toward their goal of making their students safe drivers for life. Right Turn Driving School makes each student's driving experience safe, pleasant, confident, and capable.

Oklahoma Safety Center 
Serving Tulsa, OK 
(918) 621-1600

Oklahoma Safety Center specializes in defensive driving, DUI, and license reinstatement courses in the Tulsa area. They offer assessments, evaluation, DUI school, groups, defensive driving courses, and more. Every student is treated with respect by certified evaluators and instructors. Oklahoma Safety Center is committed to professionalism as well as friendly, caring, and individualized care for each student.

Kabe's Dad Driving School 
Grove Community Center 104 W. 3rd St Grove, OK 74344 (918) 801-3978

Kabe's Dad Driving School is owned and operated by Mike Huggins, a professional educator since 2004. Huggins has been an Oklahoma Certified Drivers Education instructor since 2006 and enjoys the opportunity to lead and inspire students. He is committed to making learning fun and meaningful, putting students and families at ease with an in depth driver education experience.

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