What is the Best Dash Cam?

Last Updated: July 16, 2021 |
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Installing a dash cam could save you a whole load of legal headaches. If you get into an accident and need to prove that you weren’t responsible, a dash cam can clear your name, and some insurance companies offer discounts if you have one, too! These tiny cameras come with pros and cons, but by and large, they’re well worth the investment.

Yet these cameras aren’t cheap. This means that if you’re interested in installing one, you need to find the best dash cam that you can afford.

In this guide, we will take a look at dash cams that are currently on the market. These cameras come with a range of features, and there’s one for every budget, too!

Are you ready to find out which dashboard cameras are worth your money? Then read on and find out more!

1. Vantrue X4

If you’re looking for a dash cam that comes with premium features that could cut your insurance costs without draining your wallet, then the Vantrue X4 is a fantastic option. It comes packed with a wide range of premium features, including:

  1. 4K video recording capabilities
  2. GPS tracking in its windshield mount
  3. Night vision

What’s more, this dash cam also comes with 24-hour monitoring, which means that if someone hits your parked car and drives off, you’ll have video footage and can track them down. 

Fitting the camera to a car is easy, and it’s very small too. The camera is around the same size as a basic digital camera, so it shouldn’t obscure your vision. A capacitor rather than a battery also powers it, so you don’t need to worry about the battery having issues in very hot or cold climates.

The footage it records is saved on a microSD card so that you can access it easily. All of these features (bar the windshield mount, which is only free with certain bundles) can be had for $140 at the time of writing.

2. Apeman C450

Despite the name, this cheap dashcam won’t make a monkey out of you! The camera records at 1080P, which is full HD, so you’re still getting a clear picture, even if it’s not quite as crisp as the Vantrue’s. The camera features a wide-angle lens, too, so you’ll capture a lot of what is going on around you.

When you get the camera, all you need to do is slip a 32 GB SD card into it, and you’re ready to go. The camera records on a continuous loop, so if you’re in an accident, you should take the footage off straight away when you get home.

It’s also got the same parked car monitoring features as the Vantrue, so you’ll be able to see if someone hits your car while it’s parked, a must-have feature on a dash cam. The only real downside of this cheap and cheerful camera is that the screen and controls are fairly fiddly to use.

At the time of writing, this camera can be bought for just $45.

3. Kenwood DRV-A301W

That name is catchy, right? Despite its very technical name, this piece of name-brand kit features some fantastic features that the other dash cams that we’ve mentioned thus far do not.

For instance, as well as recording at 1080P and featuring a nice 2.7-inch LCD screen, the camera can also connect to a wifi network. Now, you might be wondering, why is this necessary?

Well, when you park up at home, you’re probably in range of your wifi network, which means that, when you’ve connected the camera, you won’t need to remove the camera and take it inside with you if you want to save the footage. Instead, you can transfer it to your computer or mobile device remotely.

The camera also uses capacitors rather than batteries for all-weather recording, and it’s got a very nice magnetic clip. 

This nice, premium-feeling dashcam will set you back $120 at the time of writing.

4. Thinkware F800Pro

If you’re willing to spend a bit more on a dash cam, you may want to consider the Thinkware F800Pro. “Wait a minute,” we hear you say. “Why is this a more expensive dash cam when it doesn’t even have a screen?”

Ah, now there’s the clever bit. This camera doesn’t need a screen on the back because it can connect to wifi and comes with an app that you can install on your phone, turning your phone screen into the camera’s screen. 

There’s more to this dash cam than just being able to connect to your phone, though. For one, its forward camera and accelerometers can give you lane departure warnings and forward-collision warnings, which is normally a fairly expensive option on most cars.

Oh, and it even doubles as a GPS!

This camera might be a bit more expensive, coming in at $230 right now, but in exchange, you get many interesting and useful features.

5. Vantrue S1

Another Vantrue model comes with the same 4K video quality that you get on the X4, but you also get a bonus second camera! While it’s not quite two for the price of one, this second camera is designed to be a rear camera, which means that if someone rear-ends you, you’ll have footage of this.

So, as well as catching accidents and road rage from (nearly) all angles, what else can this camera do?

It comes with all of the features you’d get on the X4 and is also powered by a capacitor. 

The only issue with the S1 is that it’s a little harder to set up than its smaller cousin, but that’s to be expected with a two-camera system. 

While it’s a little more difficult to use, this set of cameras is well worth the $180 asking price.

6. BlackVue DR900S-2CH

Another very uncatchy name, the BlackVue, features a bevy of, well, features that make it an absolutely fantastic choice, even if it is pretty pricey. This dash cam boasts a massive field of view of 162 degrees. It’s 4K, too, so you can catch all of those details. 

The best feature of the BlackVue is that it connects to wifi networks and then backs up its footage to the cloud. This means that your footage is safe and secure, even if your dash cam breaks.

So long as it’s connected to wifi, you can also log in to the camera from your phone and check what it can see, essentially turning your dashcam into a security camera. 

You can expand the onboard storage up to a massive 256 GB too, so you’ll be able to capture a lot of footage. 

The only issue with the BlackVue is the price. It’s the most expensive dash cam that we’ve discussed so far, coming in at a hefty $433. Despite the great features, this may be too much for some consumers.

7. Thinkware Q800 Pro

One issue with dash cams is that they can be an attractive target for thieves. Something of an irony considering their role as a security device, but it’s a sad truth. This means that sometimes, being discreet is key: enter the Q800 Pro.

This dash cam records at a solid 1440P and is very unobtrusive. The device is thin, which means that you can hide it behind the rearview mirror with ease. What’s more, you can also get a rear-facing camera that’s even smaller to pair with it.

The solid resolution is paired with a good field of view of 140 degrees, and, like the BlackVue, it can connect to the cloud. It also uses GPS tags and speed tags on the footage to provide a clearer view of what’s going on.

Coming in at a very reasonable $229, this dash cam is a fantastic stealthy option.

8. Wolfbox 12-Inch Mirror Dash Cam

If you’re pulling a trailer, this dash cam is a fantastic option as it actually replaces your rearview mirror with a live video feed of what’s going on behind you. This means that you can attach it to your trailer and win back some visibility.

This dash cam also comes with a front-facing camera to capture what’s going on in front of you. The front and rear cameras record at 1440P and 1080P, respectively.

They also offer GPS tagging and lane departure warnings, which are a nifty little feature. 

While some might think the rearview replacement feature a bit gimmicky, others will love the increased visibility that this camera gives. It costs $129, which is impressive for a dual-camera setup.

The Best Dash Cam Is the One That Works for You

Out of all the dash cams that we’ve talked about, which is, indisputably, the best dash cam? Well, in terms of features, the BlackVue wins, but the best dash cam is the one that works for you and that you like using! So, re-read our reviews and make an informed decision.