List: Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Last Updated: July 31, 2023 |
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Most people do not understand just how important it is to keep their cars clean. Your car, just like your home, should always be clean. Since you spend quite some time in your vehicle, it is only right that you should make it a clean and conducive environment for yourself.

It is essential to clean your car, not just for yourself but also for other road users’ safety. A small oversight like not cleaning your windows could lead to an accident. Listed below are some helpful tips that will highlight how to clean your car and how important it is to do so.

Car Interior Cleaning Tips

Trash Can

If you do not have a trash can for your car, you need to get one as soon as possible. Having a trashcan will help prevent you from littering and having all sorts of things lying around your car. When you do not have a trash can, you will almost always impulsively drop whatever you have on the floors of your vehicle.

Of course, you will go with the notion that you will pick it up and dump it in a trash can when you get out of the car. But you probably will not remember to leave the vehicle with the trash. You will keep forgetting to throw out things, and they will keep pilling, hence making your car a mess. However, when you have a trash can, you will always have somewhere to place your trash. You will also be emptying the trash can more frequently, which helps you keep your car clean.

Clean Your Cup Holders

More often than not, you will spill your drink, or some liquid will drip on the side of the cup. When you place your cup in the cup holder, the liquid will keep accumulating and making it sticky, and it might even make your car smelly. A cleaning hack for your cup holders is getting a sock and fitting it around a cup, spray it with a cleaner, then put it in the cup holder and rotate the cup to clean all the dirt.

Ensure you do this until there is no more dirt left. Alternatively, you can get silicone cupcake liners to act as a liner for your cup holder. Whenever you make a spill or some drip from your cup, it will land on the silicone cupcake liner. This will help you keep your car clean because all you will need to do will be to take out the silicone cups, clean them, and put them back.

Have a Kit

You can either have a bag or a container that you will use as a kit. In your kit, place all the essential items you use daily, such as the wipes we mentioned earlier, sunscreen, and extra grocery bags. The kit will hold all the things you need to keep your car clean, which will avoid having to look for them when needed. Think of it as a vehicle emergency kit for your sanity.

For instance, having extra grocery bags comes in handy when you need an extra bag to place something in. It could be dirty shoes that you do not want to contact the seats or trunk directly. Extra grocery bags will also help you save on spending money to purchase more bags. Since your kit will contain your essential everyday needs, place it in an accessible place.

A Pack of Wet Wipes

Always keep a pack of wet wipes in your car. They come in handy for your personal use and also in keeping your car clean. For instance, should you spill your drink, food, or sauce, a wet wipe will do a better job cleaning up the mess than a serviette or paper towel. Using a wet wipe will prevent a potential stain, which a napkin cannot do. Therefore, always have a pack of wet wipes in your car.


Having organizers in your car will help you keep your vehicle clean and organized. Getting organizers is one of the best things you can do for your car, especially if you have children. There are various types of organizers. You could get the one that can be fitted on the back of the car’s front seat. With organizers, you could put your children’s books, games, and toys in there instead of having them all over the car.

You could also place your loose change in there or get a container to put your change. Even if you do not have children, an organizer is still an excellent way to keep your stuff organized. You will not have to have your stuff all over the back seat or on the floor with an organizer. You can always arrange them so that you do not have to upturn your car the next time you need something to find it.

Air Freshener

It is vital to have an air freshener in your car because it makes the interior of your car smell pleasant. There are various scents and types of air fresheners in the market. Purchase one that you like, this will not only make your car smell nice, but it also makes your driving quite pleasant.

Getting a scent you like also means that your mood will improve because you will always be relaxed when driving. Lastly, a good scent also means that you could give anyone a ride; they will be comfortable and find the ride pleasant. There are air fresheners you can attach to your car’s vents that will always keep your car smelling nice and fresh.

Clean Up

Should you make a spill or a mess of any kind, always clean up on the spot. This will help prevent any potential stains. Of course, this does not mean that you should start cleaning the mess while driving or stopping your car in the middle of the road to begin cleaning. If you have someone in the car, ask them to help you clean. If you are alone, you can clean at your next stop, or if you can, pull off to the side of the road and clean up.

Avoid Eating in the car

If you can, avoid eating in your car. When you eat, you may make spills, and there are chances that crumbs from your food will drop on the floor and seats. The more you eat from your car, the more there is a build-up of food crumbs. If you have to eat from your car, get food in a container as there are lower chances of you dropping any crumbs in your car. Ensure that you also clean up your seats often to get rid of any food crumbs that may be lying around.

Clean Shoes

Your car will stay clean if your shoes are. Whether it is snow, mud, or dust, try to always shake it off your shoes before getting into your car. Getting into your car with dirty shoes means you will consistently always have to clean your car. If you do not, your car will be dirty, which is not exactly pleasant. Therefore, the solution is to try and always get in your car with clean shoes and if it is impossible, try to shake off as much of the dirt as you can.

Regularly Clean Your Mats

Having clean shoes segues nicely with regularly cleaning your mats. As much as you may try to keep your shoes clean, it is inevitable that the mats in your car will get dirty from accumulating dirt from shoes. Therefore, regularly shake out your mats to get rid of the dirt and dust that may have collected, and frequently clean your mats. Cleaning your mats will help keep your car clean.

Always Take Stuff Out

Employ a rule where whatever you take into your car has to be taken out. When you do not take stuff out regularly, you contribute to them pilling up. Leaving things in the car leads to creating a heaped mess. Therefore, always ensure that whenever you leave the car, you pick an item from the car. For instance, if you have children, always ensure that you do not leave all their toys in the car.

When you get out of the car, pick a few toys, and take them back to the house. This still applies to pieces of clothing or just about any other item. Say you took off your coat and placed it in the backseat because the weather changed. Ensure that you pick the coat from the back seat when you return home and take it with you to the house. By employing this rule, you can keep your car clean and avoid having a lot of stuff lying around in the car, creating a mess.

Clean Your Seats

It is essential to clean your car seats. If you have pets, you have to make sure you clean your seats whenever they ride with you in the car. Pets like dogs tend to shed hair, so make sure you get a brush that can clean out all of the hair and any other mess they may have caused. Cleaning your seats often also helps keep the seats in good condition. Remember that the more you do not clean, the more work you will have to do when you finally decide to clean.

Arrange Your Glove Compartment

Make sure that your glove compartment is clean and everything in there is in order. You can purchase a small file where you can arrange all your papers in order so that you can easily access them. An organized glove compartment is an essential part of keeping a clean car. You can also keep a duster in there, which you will use whenever you need to clean your dashboard.

Car Maintenance

Ensure you keep up with your car maintenance to make sure that your car is in good condition. There are even car maintenance apps to make things easier. If you do not, you may end up with mechanical problems that may cause the interior of your car to have an unpleasant smell or cause a build-up of dust. Make sure that your air filter is regularly replaced. Keeping track of your car maintenance will also help you save money by avoiding repairs that may end up being costly when they are not taken care of on time.

Car Exterior Cleaning Tips

Proper Car Wash Soap

A common mistake that people make while washing their car is using ordinary dish soap. While it will work, dish soap is special made to wash dishes. It turns out that cars aren’t designed to eat off, though it’s nice to have one clean enough to feel like you could. Just like you don’t use laundry soap to wash your dishes, don’t use dish soap to wash your car. It is recommended to use a soap designed specifically for washing a car to ensure the best clean and shine with your weekly car wash.

Car Wash Mitt

Using a car wash mitt instead of a rag or kitchen sponge will reduce the risk of damage. Features of a quality mitt include:

Drying Technique

When a standard towel or dish rag is used to dry your car after a thorough wash, you run the risk of leaving swirl marks or other imperfections on your otherwise clean car. Grab a quality microfiber towel or chamois (shammy) cloth to properly dry your car and get a professional-grade shine every time.

Wax On Protection

Applying wax to your car every 3 months helps keep your paint looking its best by providing a protective layer. Dirt, rain, sunlight, bird poop, and other elements most cars face daily are much less of an issue when properly applied. Although paste waxes are the ideal solution, a spray wax formulated for cars provides similar protections without requiring as much time.

Glass Cleaner

Since drivers receive most of the required information to drive safely in a given environment, clean glass ensures that you can see everything you need. While washing your car with your favorite car wash shop does remove dirt and other grime from your windows, using a glass cleaner specific to auto glass provides additional benefits. Anti-fog, streak-free, and water repellants are a few examples.

Given how much time is spent in the car, a clean car is great for your general well-being. In addition to this list, various other tips can help you keep your car clean. Always ensure that your car’s interior and exterior are clean as it reflects the kind of person you are.