What is the average car insurance cost by company?

Last Updated: July 31, 2023 |
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Thousands of people search for car insurance quotes each and every day. The process can be confusing, especially since all 50 states have different insurance policy minimums. For those still seeking a broad look at what auto insurance costs by company regardless of state, we’ve compiled the following statistics with quote numbers provided by the company’s themselves to our readers over time.

Customer Service Rank Insurance Company Average Online Quote
1 Liberty Mutual $150
2 AAA $150
3 AllState $171
4 Nationwide $105
5 Geico $100

*Numbers are reported, averages, and subject to change. DefensiveDriving.org is an editorial entity and we report the numbers we receive, nothing more, nothing less.

Auto Insurance Quote Online

The best way to find the average cost of auto insurance in your state is by evaluating what the cost will be for you specifically. This will range on a variety of things from incident history to credit score to multiple policies and discount opportunities. We highly recommend using a company like Gabi Insurance to get a real time view and also secure the best auto insurance quote online. They shop over 45 different car insurance providers and get bulk discounts. In the end they don’t hassle anyone with sales calls and the entire process is online.

Gabi Insurance Customer Service

The best part about Gabi Insurance is their no hassle communication and great customer service. Most insurance companies will call you ceaselessly once you’ve submitted a quote option (not the ones we list, but everyone else). Gabi isn’t one of these companies. They give you options. They’ll even communicate with you via text message if it’s easier. They’re an edgier tech company in an old insurance space. We highly recommend them with all of our journalistic integrity on the line.