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There are plenty of online Minnesota defensive driving courses to choose from, and they all provide plenty of benefits to those looking to work at their own pace, on their schedule. Whether you need to take the course to get a ticket dismissed or an insurance discount, there are plenty of options.

An online defensive driving course in Minnesota will allow you to study wherever you want with 24/7 access. You can even complete the course in your pajamas from home. Since these courses tend to work on any device connected to the internet, you can complete the course from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

3 Benefits of an Online Defensive Driving School in Minnesota

1. Gain an Insurance Discount

One of the biggest benefits you can gain from using an online defensive driving school approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety is the insurance discount. The discount will vary from one provider to another, but it’s usually significant enough and lasts long enough to make it worth it. Check with your agent to determine what type of discount you can earn by completing a defensive driving course online in Minnesota.

2. Fulfill a Guilty Traffic Conviction

Another benefit you can gain from using this type of course, even online, is fulfilling the requirement of the course when you have plead guilty to a traffic conviction. It may also be necessary to fulfill a requirement from the Minnesota DPS.

3. Become a Safer Driver

Of course, the most lasting and most important benefit of a defensive driving course in Minnesota is becoming a safer driver. If the course helps you avoid an accident or a traffic violation in the future, it will more than pay for itself. Likely, the techniques you will learn will help you to avoid any accidents and traffic violations in the future.

Voluntary vs. Court-Ordered Defensive Driving

In Minnesota, you have the option to take the defensive driving course on your own to earn a discount on your insurance and become a better driver. In addition, you may be ordered by the courts to take the course after getting a traffic violation.

If you’ve been court-ordered to take the driver improvement course in Minnesota, you have likely been found guilty of a minor traffic violation or had your license suspended. It may even be necessary if you’ve been found guilty of a major traffic offense, such as a hit and run or a DUI.

Getting an Insurance Discount if You’re 55+

The state of Minnesota offers a defensive driving course for those 55 years of age or older. This state-approved course will help you receive a 10% discount each year on your auto insurance. If you’re looking to earn this discount, you can take the course online through one of the many providers.

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Topics Covered in the Defensive Driving Course

The Minnesota defensive driving course will cover many topics, whether you take the course online or in the classroom. The topics covered include:

You will learn the things you need to know to become a safer driver in Minnesota.

Online Defensive Driving in Minnesota for an Easier Experience

Unless you enjoy driving to a classroom at a scheduled time, sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair for multiple hours, and receiving a lecture from a teacher, the online version of the Minnesota defensive driving course is likely right for you. This type of course will allow you to study anytime you want and from anywhere with an internet connection.

The biggest reason people choose the online version is the ability to work at their speed. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Minneapolis, Rochester or St. Paul, its’ all the same. You won’t have to complete the entire course in one day or even in one weekend. You can take your time and complete it over several days or weeks. Split it into smaller chunks you can handle or complete it all in one day if you prefer.

How long is the Minnesota defensive driving course?

The defensive driving courses in Minnesota are four to eight hours long. It depends on whether you’re taking a voluntary course for the first time or you’re taking a refresher course. The court-ordered defensive driving course in Minnesota will take between four and 12 hours to complete online. It depends on how you study and how fast you want to move through the course.

What type of insurance discount will I receive if I complete the course?

If you voluntarily take the defensive driving course in Minnesota, you can receive a discount on your insurance rates. As a 55+ driver, the discount will likely be 10% or higher. For those not taking the Minnesota mature driver accident prevention course, the discount you can earn will vary from one provider to another.

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Always check with your agent before deciding to take the course specifically for an insurance discount.

What is the mature driver refresher course?

After completing the initial mature driver course in Minnesota, you will gain an insurance discount for three years. If you want to continue to receive this discount, you can take a shorter refresher course every three years to maintain your refresher discount.

There are many good reasons to take one of the defensive driving courses in Minnesota. Whether you’re a mature driver looking for an insurance discount or it’s a court-ordered course you have to take, an online version of the defensive driving course offers you the right benefits.

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After completing your course, you will get a certificate of completion. This certificate will be used to fulfill a court obligation and to get your insurance discount.