Best Car Blogs: A-Z

Last Updated: July 31, 2023 |
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As a society, we love cars. We drive them every day, obsess about their looks and performance, and pine over the latest models and concept vehicles. And some of the best places to learn about cars are online on some of the leading car blogs. You can learn about car safety, check out classic cars, see the best-rated models, and even learn a thing or two about car maintenance and repair on these leading car blogs.


Autoblog is an automotive news and car shopping site owned by Verizon Media. It offers industry news, car reviews and vehicle shopping tools. The latter category is especially useful, with new and used sales listings, payment calculators, book values, recall notices, financing options, insurance information and much more.


Autocar is the companion site to the print magazine of the same name. It covers the British market with automotive industry news, racing features, sales rankings, and a special focus on used car selling.

Auto Express

Auto Express offers news, reviews, advice and test drives of cars for British buyers. Features include extensive rankings of cars by category or purpose, articles on automotive accessories, and a section focusing on vans.


Autoextremist is true to its name and pulls no punches with straight-shooting prose and often brutally honest take on the automotive industry. Racing news also gets extensive coverage, and the site has many features on the history of the sport.


Automoblog offers vehicle reviews, tech trends reporting, specs, automotive product reviews, industry news and ownership advice. Its research section is especially thorough and offers guidance on shopping, financing, insurance, maintenance, possible scams, and many other issues facing would-be buyers.

Automotive Addicts

AutomotiveAddicts is a site for enthusiasts of all types. It offers automotive news, original features, new car pricing, classifieds, car show coverage and video content. In addition, users can search by vehicle make for easy access to car facts and reviews.


AutoMotorBlog offers a variety of auto news and opinion. Its features appeal to a broad readership, with industry news, tuning, auto show coverage and auto product reviews. North American and European markets are both covered. It’s also one of the few auto blogs to include extensive motorcycle coverage.

Automotive News

Automotive News is the online version of the same print publication. Based in Detroit, it places heavy emphasis on the auto industry: vehicle manufacturers, parts and equipment suppliers, dealers, and other industry professionals. The site features industry news, opinion pieces, videos, and a data center for paid subscribers. There’s little focus on general consumers here, but it’s essential reading for anyone wanting an inside track on the industry.


AutoSpies focuses on industry news, especially what the industry doesn’t want you to know. In addition to news, reviews, opinion, and multimedia galleries, it offers spicier content in the form of leaked photos, next-generation product plans, unpublished rebates, performance failures and much more.

Auto Trends

Auto Trends lives up to its name with extensive reporting on new cars, vehicle concepts, and the latest trends. Extensive tagging on articles makes them easily searchable. Auto Trends’ archive of brochures is a work in progress but is useful for used car shoppers or anyone interested in the history of a make and model.


Autotribute focuses on general knowledge articles in three broad categories: car buying, car products and car care. The content is aimed at a general consumer and isn’t overwhelming. The site layout is uncluttered and easy to navigate with a night mode viewing option.


BangShift caters to serious gearheads and covers topics like racing, custom modifications, obscure models and classic cars. Features include news, photos, videos both old and new, and an active members’ forum.

Best Selling Cars Blog

BestSellingCarsBlog covers exactly what its straightforward name suggests. The blog’s mainstay is global car sales data going as far back as 1894. In addition, the Chinese auto market gets its own section on the site. Test drive articles, often involving international treks through remote locations or extreme climates, add some flair to the facts and figures.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver focuses on the mainstream American auto market like its print counterpart. News, reviews, buyer’s guides, and consumer research make up most of the site’s content. Video features, social media links, and a newsletter round out Car and Driver’s features. Some content, such as article commenting, may require a user account.


CarGurus Blog features news, reviews, research data and reporting on tech in cars. It’s a companion blog to the sales site and links to it in the Cars for Sale section of the blog. The sales section is useful for buyers in the late stages of shopping who want to be matched with cars in their area.


CarAdvice covers the Australian automotive market with an extensive website. Users can search for information by make and model or browse industry news, reviews, comparisons, opinions, car culture, virtual showrooms and video. New content is added daily, and the site also has a social media presence on multiple platforms.


CarCare is sponsored by the Car Care Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating motorists about the importance of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair. The site supports its Be Car Care Aware education campaign with car care tips, maintenance schedules and DIY guides for motorists. Repair and maintenance professionals can access outreach materials to share with customers.


CarExpert prides itself on its impartiality and of the absence of any advertising on the site. The easy-to-navigate site covers the Australian automotive market and features frequently updated industry news, bestselling car profiles, reviews, comparisons, opinions and feature articles.


Carscoops offers news, reports, scoops, insights and exclusives on the global automotive industry. Future cars, concept cars, and offbeat car news get especially close coverage. The content focuses on European markets, with sections dedicated to the Geneva Motor Show and webcam feeds from Germany’s Nurburgring automotive testing ground.

Car Talk

Car Talk is the companion blog to the venerable and popular radio call-in show by that name. The blog’s main content is similar to the show and fields a variety of car questions from readers with varying levels of car knowledge. Other site features are buyer’s guides, a mechanic locator, industry news, and user forums. Like the show, the blog seeks to be helpful and accessible to car owners from all walks of life.


CarThrottle focuses on car enthusiasts with an emphasis on interactive features. The site offers extensive forums, a strong social media presence, and user-submitted video content. The industry news and opinion pieces concentrate on the European market and are aimed at car buffs rather than average consumers.


Cartype describes itself as “a museum of automobile typography” and features a comprehensive collection of emblems, badges, logos, typography, and other visual design elements. The site often delves into little-known automotive history in its quest for visuals, focusing on design, car profiles, concept cars highlights, strange mods, oddballs and ugly cars. Two handy dropdowns in the upper left corner allow searching by make/model and by year going back to 1894.


ChicMoto is aimed squarely at female readers and offers basic DIY maintenance and repair instructions with its Confident Car Guide series. Topics include jump-starting, car fluid identification guide, tire maintenance, oil level checks, changing fuses, and maintenance essentials. In addition, the site’s scenic drive series of articles and videos offer a bit of variety among all the tutorials.

Classic Car Blog from ClassicNation

Classic Car Blog from ClassicNation appeals to both owners and enthusiasts of classic cars, hot rods, and muscle cars. Rebuilding projects, including reader submissions, get the spotlight on this blog. Other features include how-tos and articles on the classic car scene. Users can also browse a sales section or list their classic cars for sale.

Corvette Blogger

CorvetteBlogger is the site for all things Corvette, covering every generation from C1 to C9. There is a marketplace, theft alerts, news, spy photos, racing, and Corvette videos from many sources. A special lifestyle section is a testament to owner loyalty and the Corvette’s enduring appeal.

Driving Guide

Driving Guide is designed to get drivers on the road and keep them going with a one-stop-shop for the rules of the road. Here you’ll find state-by-state guides to getting a driver’s license or transferring a license between states. In addition, users can find driver’s ed programs in their state to ease the process. Also featured are buyer’s tips, insurance information, and more.

egm CarTech

egm CarTech provides the latest industry news and opinion plus coverage of the eco-car market, motorsports, recalls. Also featured are detailed reviews and test drives of the latest models. In addition, live coverage of major auto shows in America and beyond gets a dedicated section on the blog.

Exhaust Notes Australia

Exhaust Notes Australia covers the car and motorcycle scene down under with news, reviews, test drives and more. Reviews take center stage on this blog, with the editors priding themselves on thoroughness and impartiality. Automotive products, especially motorcycle gear, are also put through the paces with a thorough review process.

Exotic Car List Blog

Exotic Car List Blog leans into the highest end of the automotive industry with news, reviews, comparisons, advice, and auto show coverage. The blog is part of Exotic Car List, a site for sellers and dealers of luxury vehicles. So even if you can’t afford a six-figure car, a little window shopping doesn’t hurt.

Fast Car

Fast Car covers the British car culture with industry news, reviews, motorsports news, tuning guides, top 10s, videos, and more. Solid coverage is also given to auto events in Britain and on the continent with extensive photo galleries.

GoodCar BadCar

GoodCarBadCar sounds like it deals in absolutes, but they’re backed up with copious numbers. Here you’ll find annual sales data broken down in multiple ways: by market (US, Canada, UK), manufacturers by market, brands by market, by market segment and by brand and model. A smaller car review section rounds out this heavily data-driven site.

Green Car Congress

Green Car Congress bills itself as covering “energy, technologies, issues and policies for sustainable mobility.” Its reporting focuses heavily on the science and research aspects of green transportation issues. The scope of reporting isn’t limited to cars. Aviation, shipping, and energy sources, in general, are also covered. Though there isn’t an abundance of consumer information presented, any driver interested in emerging green technologies will want to look at this blog to stay informed of future trends.

Green Car Reports

Green Car Reports is essential reading for any driver interested in hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles, and other green cars. Green Car Reports covers industry news plus issues relevant to environmentally conscious vehicles, like charging, mobility, sustainability, gas mileage, alternative fuels, and diesel cars. Would-be green car buyers will find the test drive features and the buyer’s guide especially useful.


Hooniverse offers news, reviews, videos, and podcasts like many blogs, but the more offbeat features and cheeky style attract readers. Whether it’s celebrating improbable stunts or weirdly tricker-out cars, Hooniverse speaks to gearheads who take their cars seriously without taking themselves too seriously.

Humble Mechanic

Humble Mechanic is one Volkswagen mechanic’s labor of love with a mission to “share information, impart a little wisdom, and have a little fun.” Site content includes podcasts, videos, and articles about repairs, maintenance, engine rebuilds, DIY projects, life in the shop, and of course, Volkswagens.

Hydrogen Cars Now

Hydrogen Cars Now focuses on the emerging technology of hydrogen-fueled vehicles in the hopes of promoting them as a way of reducing carbon emissions and foreign oil dependency. However, because hydrogen cars are still a tiny industry segment, the blog coverage tends towards automotive and fuel research news.


Jalopnik covers the automotive industry and car culture with all the irreverence they can sometimes deserve. The readership also dishes it out in the lively comments section. Like most auto blogs, Jalopnik features industry news, reviews, buyer’s guides, racing news, maintenance guides, and test drives. Less common site features are coverage of oddball cars, nostalgia, driving mishaps and other vehicles ranging from low earth orbit planes to garbage trucks.

Just a Car Guy

Just a Car Guy is a frequently updated personal blog that curates memes, images, video, and news about cars and sometimes other wheeled vehicles. It’s an eccentric collection with history, nostalgia, humor and oddities mixed into regular auto news and views. covers content for car buyers and enthusiasts. Features include news, car reviews, aftermarket and tuning articles, auto show reporting, buying guides, pricing, and videos. In addition, content is searchable by make and model for easy research.

Motor Authority

Motor Authority specializes in covering extraordinary vehicles. Luxury, performance, muscle, concept, hybrid, and electric cars take center stage here. Blog features include industry news, spy shots, first drives, video and racing coverage figure largely on the site. Auto shows also get extensive coverage, with special sections on the SEMA, Chicago, Detroit, Frankfurt, Geneva, Los Angeles, and New York shows.

Motoring Exposure

Motoring Exposure goes heavy on the high-performance cars and tuning content. Extreme gearheads will appreciate the extensive coverage and the ability to search by name on aftermarket tuners, but average drivers may be left in the dust. Performance vehicle news and videos round out this blog’s high-speed content. (National Motorists Association) by the National Motorists Association focuses on the issues at the heart of the 40-year-old organization’s mission to ensure due process for motorists and combat excessive tolls, fees, and fines related to driving. Issues of special concern to the NMA include speed limits, cameras, speed traps, DUI/DWI, roadblocks, tolls, and distracted driving. In addition, the site presents information on grassroots lobbying at all levels of government.


Motortrend is the companion site to the print magazine by that name. Here you’ll find Motortrend’s coveted rankings and awards along with a wealth of information for car buyers. First drive reviews, long-term reviews, comparisons, interior reviews and tests are all invaluable for shoppers, as is Motortrend’s buyer’s guide. In addition, original video content and coverage of spy photos, concept cars, classic cars and future cars complement an already substantial site.


Motorverso puts a strong emphasis on photography and, by logical extension, on photogenic categories like performance, luxury and unusual cars. Reviews, product guides, and troubleshooting articles tend towards cars within reach of the average consumer, while news features focus on car projects, classic cars, motorsports, and unique driving experiences.


Motorward offers a balance of automotive content with articles and guides for the average driver plus more aspirational coverage of tuning, concept cars, exotics, classics, Formula 1 and offbeat vehicles. In addition, the research section offers biographies, car acronyms, car histories, and interviews that will help any novice sound like a seasoned car buff with just a bit of reading.


MPGOMatic is a single-topic blog dedicated to the pursuit of fuel efficiency. Articles and reviews focus on maximizing those miles per gallon. Readers can look up gas mileage by car, use a gas mileage calculator, check fuel efficiency rankings within a vehicle type, search for articles by manufacturer name. A Spanish language version of the site is also available, though the link is buried at the very bottom of the main English page.

Nick’s Car Blog

Nick’s Car Blog focuses on Audis with the stated goal of saving helping fellow Audi enthusiasts save money and make informed decisions on their cars’ mods and maintenance. Content includes news, reviews, DIY guides, wheel and tire buying guides, featured rides, detailing tips, and show and meet events. Nick also dedicates a section to profiles of his pride and joy: his four Audis and one Porsche.


Noriyaro is a blog by an Australian ex-pat who moved to Japan to join the drifting scene. The blog is heavy on photos and video. However, the content is not limited to just racing and stunt driving. It’s a fascinating look into Japanese car culture in general.


Oilpressure is an up-to-date blog devoted to track racing: the drivers, the vehicles, the speedways, the races and the history of the sport. It’s remarkable for the dedication of its four bloggers as well as its longevity. So many passion projects fizzle out in a couple of years; Oilpressure has been going strong with regular updates since 2009.


Openbay is a marketplace for car repair services. Car owners can get matched with a repair service or browse the site’s helpful articles on maintenance and diagnostics. The site also reaches out to repair businesses with digital services for marketing and customer care.


Petrolicious features high-quality visual design on a site devoted to classic, performance, and other standout vehicles. Video content is abundant on the site, and members can stream exclusive content like Homologation, Made to Drive, and Peking to Paris. Viewers can also gaze wistfully at the classic cars listed for sale on the site, and all are photographed beautifully.


QuattroWorld has its sights fixed firmly on everything Audi. It’s a site by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. While it does offer the expected Audi news, reviews, sports coverage, and sneak peeks at future cars, its most distinctive features are interactive. User forum posts number in the hundreds of thousands with regular daily activity.


Silodrome describes itself as “dedicated to Gasoline Culture and all it entails.” It takes its name from an old carnival sideshow where stunt drivers would speed around the inside wall of a track or silo, relying on physics to keep them vertical. Coverage includes classic and modern cars, motorcycles, racing, boats, aircraft and even submarines. The stranger the concept vehicle, the more likely you’ll see it here.


Speedhunters is a blog devoted to performance vehicles, mods, and hot rods. Event coverage is thorough and includes drifting, motorsports, shows, and festivals. Speedhunters is international in scope with a good percentage of European and Japanese content. The layout is visually appealing and well-photographed.

Stance Is Everything

Stance Is Everything is devoted to custom and modified cars. Reader-submitted rides are a popular feature on the site. Swaps and works in progress are also highlighted, and event coverage is extensive.

The Advance Auto Parts Blog

The Advance Auto Parts Blog is handy with a series of auto advice, tutorials, how-tos, and general knowledge articles. It’s a good starting point for car owners who need information on performing maintenance and repairs. In addition, it offers some nice extra content on automotive history, racing, classic cars and buyer’s guides.

The Detroit Bureau

The Detroit Bureau features industry news, reviews, spy shots, and opinions. However, the Detroit Bureau prides itself on more insightful, in-depth reporting on the automotive industry, including labor relations, product recalls, and legal woes. It’s also a very well-organized site that allows easy navigation between accurately labeled categories of content.

The Mechanic Doctor

The Mechanic Doctor is two Canadian mechanics whose mission is to arm professional mechanics and DIYers with information to make repairs less frustrating. They offer information on certification programs, resume writing, recommended tools, welding tutorials, and much more for pros. The blog answers frequently asked questions and also offers tutorials of use to amateur mechanics.

The Super Car Blog

TheSuperCarBlog focuses on cars beyond the reach of mere mortals. The site features a nice arrangement of news, videos, comparisons, and high-performance car sales listings. You may never sit behind the wheel of a Bugatti, but this blog can offer you a little glimpse of how the one percent drives.

The Torque Report

The Torque Report offers news, reviews, show coverage and first looks at new cars. The site also includes a green report that covers the latest developments in the green vehicle industry.

The Truth About Cars

The Truth About Cars features news and editorials. It also features video content plus tips and advice. Car and product reviews can be found chronologically or by make. The site is aimed at general consumers and serves up relevant and practical information to that readership.

The Weekly Driver

The Weekly Driver features the new car reviews of syndicated automotive journalist James Raia plus industry news, videos, and regular guest contributors’ reviews. Content focuses mainly on the average driver and provides coverage of celebrity, specialty, and luxury cars. A clean, bright layout makes for easy navigation.


TopSpeed features daily news and reviews of cars and motorcycles available for sale in the North American market. TopSpeed’s content is organized into useful categories so users can search for car information by body style, market segment, fuel type and purpose. A games section on the site adds a little touch of fun to the proceedings.


Whatcar? is aimed at would-be car buyers on the British market. It offers deals, reviews, advice, rankings, and various cost calculators. Shoppers in the beginning stages of shopping can simply click on a car category for suggestions.

Zero to 60 Times Car Blog

Zero to 60 Times Car Blog is simply devoted to 0 to 60 and quarter-mile car stats. It was born out of the frustration of having to piece together stats from other sources. It is organized to make for easy navigation.